the rules are quite simple:
rearrange a box to make any
kind of figure or object.
make the most of least.

david hofmann // the box doodle project

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a special thank you to:
netdiver IdN k10k dik duudle pictoplasma

david hofmann

i was invited to create a special mixtape box doodle
for the tape vs rqm project // puplic transport exhibition
music by kitty yo // exhibition at supalife berlin

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the box doodle tool.
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screenshot and send it!

the box doodle tool

by: shaun

bruno honda

by: david hofmann


by: boris hoppek

by: daniel mazer

by: mateo

by: philip jordan

by: shaun

by: shaun


by: vincent agostino

by: david hofmann

by: david hofmann

by: claudia carieri

by: david hofmann

by: david kurz

the box doodle project was invited to
be part of the pictoplasma character walk 2006

see some pictures of the exhibition